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With the DP Postex® installed, your DP caliper can be used to position individual trees and other objects.

DP Postex DPII550x840

DP Postex

Use the DP Postex add-on with your DP II or Digitech Professional computer caliper to position trees and other objects in the forest. The DP Postex is great for operators that prefer to have the ultrasound in the DP caliper and to measure heights with a separate instrument, such as the L5 laser.

The Postex solution from Haglöf Sweden is available in different system configurations. In the DP Postex system, the DP caliper and corresponding software application provides power, processor, memory and display for the Postex module.

The method for individual positioning of trees is perfect when connecting information on ground measured trees to a laser scanned air measuring operation, or to trace individual tree history on sample plots for research and follow-up work. The Postex solution is based on the triangulation method, and the positioning is made from three distances that have been determined by the set-up coordinate system in the Postex rack with transponders. The positioning accuracy allows for reliable results in long-term scientific research projects on tree individuals on permanent plots.


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The DP Postex add-on operates with the coordinate system determined by the custom Postex rack and 3 ea T3 transponders. Use the DP caliper software application Postax (or other application compatible with the DP Postex) for DP to collect, register and process your data. A Haglöf Sweden L5 laser instrument is recommended to measure the tree heights in the plot. The DP Postex module can also be operated with the DP II Terminal only and without the caliper measuring scale. This is useful when diameter data is not needed, such as to position historical sites and remains, for new plantations etc.


Rugged, field-ready and developed in cooperation with leading scientists


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The DP Postex works with the DP II and Digitech Professional model (Bios v 1.66 and forward). All functions are run through the software application in your caliper. The custom Postex rack and transponders and a bubble for alignment are delivered in aluminum transport box. Postex® is available in different system configurations, all using the custom rack and ultrasound transponders. With ultrasound you are not limited to line of sight measurements and not bound to targets. 

How to use the Postex system - DP Postex and Computer caliper DPII

Download product leaflet here:  pdf DP Postex Product sheet ENU (1.05 MB) pdf
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