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Add-on combination module for navigation and distance measuring with ultrasound on your DP computer caliper. 


The DP GPS DME - Global Positioning System and Distance Measurer in one  

With the DP GPS DME module you can navigate and register coordinates with your DP computer caliper and measure distances with the well-known and proven reliable ultrasound technique from Haglöf Sweden. The module is controlled and operated entirely by the computer caliper and its software application. No additional power supply is needed. The module is small and light and does not affect the balance or weight of the computer caliper when assembled on the caliper com-port. 


The DP GPS DME has a 33 channel receiver and supports several different satellite systems such as GPS (US), GLONASS (Russian), Galileo (EU) and GZSS (Japan). DP GPS also supports correction using SBAS: WAAS (American), EGNOS (European) and MSAS (Japanese) which will improve positioning in difficult terrain. The accuracy reaches up to 2.5m in open terrain, and algorithms predict satellite positions for up to 3 days using data from the latest configurations for up to one month.


Position your plot center

DP GPS Plott 550x840

The DP GPS DME add-on offers many possibilities depending of software application used in your caliper. You can, for example, position your sample plots, timber stacks, and stock points and individual trees for special research projects. You can make a track log of stock borders or even a whole estate, and have your DP caliper calculate area dimensions. You can navigate to known points with your computer caliper. Transfer coordinates to your DP caliper, for example on test areas or individual trees, and navigate straight to these for inventory and follow-up.

The DME function in the DP GPS DME uses ultrasound signals to determine distances and to measure radius in sample plots. With the DME function you can quickly determine if a tree is standing within or outside the sample plot limits. The results are based on a measurement from the tree center to the center of the plot, for extra accuracy. A DP DME module ultrasound system operates with the transponder T3 on a plot staff/monopod.

The DP GPS DME is compatible with DP II (Bios v 2.16 and forward) and the Digitech Professional (Bios v 1.73 and forward). All functions are run through the software application in your caliper. See also information on the DP GPS module and the DP DME module.

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