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Some things don't change, and good old handcraft can still be needed in today's modern world. The most evident example of this in our company is our increment borer. 

Haglöf Sweden have manufactured increment borers since the very start of the company. We are proud of today's vast product range with the largest assortment of models, lengths and sizes of borers. Our borer workshop is ultra-modern - to live up to the old-fashioned, handmade borers made some 75 years ago in terms of precision and quality. 

The demand for increment borers is more or less eternal - much like the forest itself. There are no simple alternatives to an increment borer. When you need to know the growth for a particular tree, its increment, how the tree feels on the inside, how well it does compared to its neighbours; even how the water quality and level is in that very place for that very tree, as well as the pollution in the air - to know all this, without cutting down the tree - the increment borer offers the answer. 

The borer is, as Ingvar Haglöf, founder and former CEO at Haglöf Sweden states it, like a crowbar. How would you replace a crowbar?

Haglöf Sweden - professional measurement systems to monitor, measure and control forests of the world.

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